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Poohbear's Corner of Deep Thought

Oh Bother!

28 October 1977
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My name is Jaclyn Moody. I have been married since July 12, 2003. I have a 14 year old step-daughter that is a sweetheart. He and I don't have any kids yet, but we are hopeful! My hubby and I lived in the beautiful midtown area of Mobile, Alabama. Close to the old historical district. However, we moved to Panama City Beach, FL. I was workimg for Comcast Cable of Mobile, but have transferred to the office here in Panama City.

I love helping out with MOBICON. In case you don't know what MOBICON is here ya go: "MOBICON is gathering of sci-fi, fantasy, comic, anime, and gaming fans to meet people with the same interests. Each year we go ALL OUT to bring great guests, game, and merchants from all over to make it great. MOBICON is held in Mobile, AL to raise money for a selected charity." This years Charity is Bay Area Food Bank.